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General terms and conditions

1 - Driving the vehicle and renter's requirements

Each driver of the vehicle undertakes not to provide false information on their personal details, their age, their address and the existence of the legal requirements for driving license. For all legal purposes, the Customer's domicile is the one indicated by him in the Contract.

Both the Customer and each authorized driver must meet the following requirements:

• 18 years old.

• Valid driving license for the rented vehicle, issued for at least 12 months.

• heading, in your own name, of a credit card. In case of payment by credit card in the name of a person other than the Customer, it is necessary to sign a specific authorization (clause valid only for motorcycles).

2 - Methods and times of payment of the service

Payment for the service will be made using the secure Axerve Pay by Link method. Once the online booking has been made, an email will be sent containing a payment link equal to 30% of the rental fee. It is also possible to pay the down payment by bank transfer to Apulia Sud Service srl, IBAN: IT24R0200816012000105095845. The down payment will be used to confirm the reservation. If down payment is not received within 24 hours of sending the email, the reservation will be considered automatically canceled.

The balance of the fee must be paid upon delivery of the Vehicle.

3 - Insurance R.C.A.

All vehicles are covered by R.C.A. in accordance with the laws in force.

The Lessor's TPL of vehicles guarantees the insurance coverage of Civil Liability towards third parties, including transported, animals or things (excluding those transported) with a single and overall maximum amount indicated in the rental agreement.

4 - Circulation of the Vehicle and Conditions of use

The Customer undertakes to keep, use and have the vehicle used - where permitted - with the utmost care and diligence, in compliance with the destination and the characteristics of the vehicle indicated in the registration certificate and within the limits established by law, as well as:

a) not to use, even through third parties, the vehicle for the transport against payment of persons or things;

b) not to entrust the driving of the vehicle to a person other than those authorized in the rental agreement or in any case to persons without the relevant license to drive and / or not equipped with the requisites required by the Contractual Documentation;

c) not to transport animals, substances and anything else which, due to its condition or odor, could damage the vehicle and / or delay the possibility of re-renting it; in case of extraordinary cleaning of the vehicle the necessary sum will be charged to the customer;

d) not to carry out any repair work on the rented vehicle without the written consent of the Lessor;

e) to immediately inform the Lessor of any breakdowns of the vehicle by interrupting the circulation of the same, referring to the indications of the Lessor regarding the possible replacement or return of the vehicle;

f) not to use the vehicle for races, trials, contests or competitions, on unpaved roads or in any case unsuitable for the vehicle, for driving school, for towing or pushing other vehicles, for circulation in prohibited areas, in violation of the highway code or of other regulations and in general for any illegal purpose;

g) not to circulate the vehicle in countries other than the Italian Republic, unless otherwise indicated in the rental agreement.

Any use that is not permitted or unlawful by contract and / or by law obliges the Customer to pay compensation for consequential damages, possibly even jointly with any other driver and involves the loss of any limitation of liability, exposing the Customer to the related responsibilities and claims. The Lessor reserves the right to take possession of the vehicle in any place and time in the event of violation of the provisions of this article.

5 - Collection and Return of the vehicle - Penalties

The Customer is required to pay, by credit card, a deposit of € 150.00 in the case of eBike rental and € 250 in the case of electric scooter rental before taking delivery of the vehicle and recognizes that the vehicle with the standard features, equipment and all accessories delivered to him by the Lessor, including those indicated in the rental agreement, are in perfect mechanical working conditions and in good general condition and undertakes to return them with the relative documents , in compliance with the times and places indicated in the rental agreement, under the same conditions, except for wear in proportion to the duration of the rental and the mileage traveled.

The vehicle is - as a rule - delivered to the renter's office in Lecce, and must be returned to the same place. For delivery and collection in a different place, if agreed, the payment of a supplement is required, as indicated in the tariff table.

The customer will take care to communicate, even by telephone, any unforeseen events that do not allow compliance with the agreements relating to the return of the vehicle, and in case of failure to authorize the return after the deadline, the Customer authorizes the Lessor to recover possession from now on and the possession of the Vehicle at any time and place. The vehicle must be returned during the opening hours of the Agency (h. 9.30 - 13.00 AM, 15.30 - 19.30 PM). In the case of return after hours, only where possible and provided previously authorized, the rental is considered closed during the reopening of the Agency.

The "daily" rental provides for the delivery and return of the vehicle on the same day, within the closing time of the Agency offices.

In both cases, a delay of 30 minutes is tolerated; after this time, the price of one day will be charged

rental (24 h).

In case of non-delivery on the day provided for in the contract, the Customer undertakes to pay as a penalty a sum equal to the daily rental rate (High Season) of the vehicle increased by 50% for each day of delay until delivery, except in in any case the greatest damage.

In the event of failure to return the accompanying documents to the vehicle itself and / or the license plate, the Customer undertakes to pay as a penalty a sum equal to the daily rental rate (High Season) of the vehicle for each day necessary until the actual duplication. of the same, without prejudice to compensation for the related expenses and further damage. Any security deposit provided will be returned upon return of the vehicle complete with what was received, except for the charge of the amount due as a fee or otherwise pursuant to the provisions of the Contract Documentation.

In the event of failure to return the vehicle keys, whatever cause this depends, and even if the vehicle has been returned, the Customer is required to pay as a penalty an amount equal to the "Standard" daily rental rate for the vehicle for no. 2 (two) days of vehicle stoppage, in addition to the sum necessary for duplicating the keys.

6 - Customer Responsibilities

The Customer is directly responsible for any damage deriving from the circulation and / or custody of the rented vehicle, even in the case of circulation of the vehicle against his will, and undertakes to indemnify the Lessor from any claims of third parties.

The Customer is responsible for fines and / or any other charges resulting from violations of the highway code, or other provisions of law or regulations, tolls, the cost of parking and in general the sums deriving from driving the vehicle also from third party during the rental period. The lessor will send notices relating to the aforementioned violations by registered letter with return receipt. at the address declared by the tenant at the signing of the contract, and the tenant undertakes to pay the lessor the postal and administrative costs associated with the request for reimbursement and the lessor's communications with the Administrative Authority, quantified on a flat-rate basis in EUR 25.00 and a indemnify him from any damage and / or third party claims.

7 - Liability for damages and accidents

At the time of the accident, the Customer must take action in order to provide the evidence necessary for a correct identification of responsibilities. To this end he must:

(ι) request the intervention and reporting of the incident to the Traffic Police, Carabinieri or Traffic Police;

(ιι) collect the names and addresses of the witnesses present;

No sum will be charged to the Customer who produces a CAI form duly signed by both parties (friendly accident finding) relating to the accident, with clear assumption of responsibility by the counterparty.

In the event of an accident, the Customer must fill in with the counterpart a CAI form available in the Vehicle and have it sent to the Lessor's office within 24 hours of the event, or deliver it together with the return of the vehicle if this occurs within 24 hours of the event.

In the event of an accident, with the responsibility of the customer, which prevents the continuation of the contract for any reason, VVE will withhold or ask for the agreed amount for the entire duration of the rental. If the vehicle must be stopped to carry out repairs deriving from accidents with responsibility, the customer is required to pay the cost of the vehicle stop, at the same rental rates, for a maximum of n. 5 days.

8 - Liability for theft and fire

The Customer is responsible for the event of fire and theft of the vehicle, even in the event of subsequent discovery; to determine the value of the vehicle, reference will be made to the value of the same according to the market price at the time of the event. If the event occurs in the first six months of the vehicle's life, for the determination of the value, reference will be made to the new price list. The Customer's responsibility is extended to the cost of repairs, loss of value of the vehicle, loss of rental income, towing and storage costs and administrative costs incurred for the management of any event or claim arising from the damage caused to the vehicle or from the left.

In all cases of theft or fire, total or partial, the Customer is obliged to immediately notify the lessor, and duly report to the competent Authorities, delivering the original within 48 hours from the same to the Lessor's office, actively collaborating with the latter in the management of the judicial procedure. In the event of non-fulfillment of this obligation within the terms set out above, any limitation and / or exclusion of liability agreement for total or partial theft and / or fire automatically becomes ineffective.

9 - Liability of the Lessor

Any liability of the Lessor is excluded for losses and damages resulting from vehicle breakdowns, failure or delay in delivery, delivery of a vehicle of a category other than the one booked, deterioration of goods or damage of any other kind, except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence. of the same. Likewise, any liability for damage to things transported or forgotten on the returned vehicle is excluded, except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence.

10 - Charges

The Client who owns a financial credit card authorizes the Lessor to debit all charges payable by him relating to the rental relationship, including those indicated in the Contract Documentation and those possibly necessary for the recovery of any kind of credit claimed by the Lessor towards the client in relation to the rental relationship.

Mobigreen di Andrea Branca will use the BCC di Leverano circuit to block, on credit card, a suitable deposit, revoking the authorization to withdraw the sum upon return of the vehicle and AFTER the verification of its integrity. With this request for revocation, Mobigreen di Andrea Branca is exempt from any responsibility with respect to the reintegration of the availability of the credit card offered as a guarantee.

They are charged to the customer,

• rental fee, as resulting from the Tariff Table published on the website, which is understood to refer to an unlimited daily mileage;

• cost of recharging the batteries;

• fines due to the circulation or use of the vehicle, regardless of the person of the driver, or to careless reliance on the same,

• motorway tolls and / or fees and charges of any nature deriving from vehicle parking;

11 - Termination Clause

The violation of even one of the provisions of articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 will entitle the Lessor to terminate the contract pursuant to art. 1456 of the civil code and to compensation for damages.

12 - Jurisdiction

The rental relationship referred to in this Agreement is governed by Italian law.

The Court of the Lessor's registered office is exclusively competent for any dispute deriving from the relationships governed by the “Contractual Documentation”.